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Area Rugs From  Acadian Factory Direct Flooring

Area Rugs From Acadian Factory Direct Flooring

Your home flooring can be greatly enhanced by the simple act of adding one of our elegant home area rugs. Many traditional and nontraditional styles are available right here in our expansive flooring showroom. Whether you prefer the traditional look of Oriental rugs or you simply want an all-purpose jute rug, your home décor is sure to be enhanced by one of our stunning discount area rugs. When you come to us, you have the opportunity to introduce warmth and style with well-placed area rugs.

Our team is dedicated to making sure your room is exactly how you want it, from the floors to the rugs. That is why we are happy to offer free estimates on all of our services, ensuring that you know precisely what you’re getting before you pay a dime. We believe that your home should look and feel just the way you want it to. Rely on us to help you live in style regardless of your budget. When you visit our flooring showroom, you’re getting advice from a team that truly cares about your home’s design. From flooring to windows to area rugs, we have everything you need to perfect the look and feel of your home.

Discount Area Rugs Sized for Any Space

Did you know that an area rug actually makes a room look larger when it is properly sized for that room? Let our sales and design experts help you figure out the perfectly sized rug for your home and help you decide which style of rug is best for your space. It is essential to make sure the measurements of the rug are in accordance with the size of your furniture and the edges of your room. We extend wholesale pricing on many of our in-stock area rugs. This is because customer service to us not only includes help with rug selection, but it also means pricing products fairly. We always strive to give you the lowest pricing possible.When we say “discount area rug,” we are not referring in any way to the quality of the rug itself. Everything we carry in our store is of the highest quality on the market, made by the top brands and manufacturers in the industry. Thanks to the buying power of our network of stores, we are able to get the best deals on quality stock imaginable. Therefore, while all of our rugs are at discount prices, you are in no way getting inferior quality by shopping through us. We keep a huge selection of rugs in stock at all times to make sure we have the level of quality and the exact style you want whenever you come in.

Benefits of Home Area Rugs for Central Rooms

The furnishings of your home are complemented by the proper use of various aspects of design, such as the size of your furniture, the flooring style, and the wall décor. Let our in-house design experts walk you through every step of the process when it comes to perfecting your home’s design. One of the best ways to enhance the look of any space is which a home area rug. Depending on the size and aesthetic of your room, area rugs have a variety of effects on the look and feel of your space. Whether you want to make the room more cozy or seem larger, we have all the knowledge you need to get the right rug to accomplish your goals. There are numerous benefits of adding rugs to any room, especially in high-usage spaces. Rugs provide all of the following benefits:

  • Area rugs add style to a room.
  • Area rugs are easy to clean.
  • Area rugs are spill and stain-resistant.
  • Area rugs can act as a passive air filter.
  • Area rugs protect antique furniture from wear.
  • Area rugs can easily be changed with home style alterations.
  • Area rugs make a room more warm and inviting.
  • Area rugs can divide a large space into useable areas.
  • Area rugs reduce noise of appliances and pets.
  • Area rugs are safe for the elderly and children.

Make a Transformation with Our Wholesale Area Rugs

Area rugs accomplish much more than just adding an aesthetic balance to the space. They have a multitude of practical functions as well. Since rugs are less expensive and easier to replace than carpets or other types of flooring, they make the perfect guard against the wear and tear that comes with everyday life. For instance, families with small children face a lot of spills and stains that come with raising their offspring. An extra rug helps protect both the floor underneath and anyone who is unsteady on their feet. Likewise, pets might scratch the carpets, but rugs can take a beating for years before being easily replaced.

Come to our massive showroom today for a free estimate on the cost of the right area rug for your space. We endeavor to find exactly what you need in no time, working closely with you to learn about your styles and needs before dispensing professional advice. Call or stop by today and learn why so many satisfied customers return to us time and time again for their rugs, flooring, and other household decorating features.

Contact us at your earliest convenience for any questions about our vast selection of area rugs. We proudly serve the communities of Marrero, Westwego, Luling and more.

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